• Regensburg, Straubing

Norbert Ecker

Managing director in Regensburg and Straubing
Auditor - Tax consultant
Born in 1968

  • Studies / degrees:

    1994 Graduation in Business Management at the University of Passau

    1999 Appointed as tax consultant

    2002 Appointed as auditor

    2010 Appointed as Fachberater für Internationales Steuerrecht [expert adviser for international taxation]

  • Professional experience:

    1995 - 2000 Employed at an audit firm in Regensburg
    2000 - today Employed as managing director, auditor and tax consultant at KPWT Kirschner Wirtschaftstreuhand Straubing GmbH and (since 2006) KPWT Kirschner Wirtschaftstreuhand Regensburg GmbH

  • Key responsibilities:

    Tax structuring consulting
    International taxation
    Restructuring and reorganisations
    Tax planning and optimisation within the Group
    Development and implementation of business tax strategies