• Passau

Harald Fröschl

Director in Passau
Diplom-Wirtschaftsingenieur (FH)
Auditor, Tax consultant
Born in 1967

  • Studies / degrees:

    1995 Graduation in Industrial Engineering at the Munich University of Applied Sciences

    2000 Appointed as tax consultant

    2003 Appointed as auditor

  • Professional experience:

    1987-1989 Training as a banker

    1989-1991 Military service (regular soldier)

    1995-2001 Auditing assistant and lead auditor of a medium-sized audit firm in Munich

    2002-2007 Tax consultant and/or auditor at KPWT Kirschner Wirtschaftstreuhand AG, Passau

    2007 - today Partner and director of KPWT Passau

  • Key responsibilities:


    Special audits in the scope of acquisitions/sales of businesses (due diligence)

    Business valuations

    Particular industries: Factoring and leasing firms