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KPWT-Gruppe was established as an auditing and accounting firm in 1983 and is now present with nine offices within Bavaria - amongst others in the economic centres of Munich and Regensburg.

Our Group has about 200 employees including more than 60 tax consultants, auditors and attorneys who provide one-stop services and save you time thanks to efficient processes and quick decisions within the Group As a founding partner of MOORE STEPHENS Deutschland AG in Berlin we provide counselling and advice to our customers all over the world.

Each of our clients is assigned an experienced KPWT partner who identifies the relevant economic, tax-related and legal issues and coordinates their management by KPWT specialists. The relationship between this ENTREPRENEUR consultant and the customers is based on a long-term partnership and ensures that all tasks are performed in a timely manner and according to the highest standards of quality.

Our consultancy concept
Our comprehensive consultancy concept offers you advantages and gives us a clear edge over our competitors. Thanks to our size we have extensive SPECIALIST KNOWLEDGE [link to industry know-how] which can be accessed by your consultant at any time. We combine the advantages of a small, flexible local consultancy unit with those of a large group. For instance, you will be assigned a chief consultant who has the knowledge of the entire group with its nine Bavarian offices at his or her disposal. Your chief consultant will always be your designated contact for all issues arising.






Establishment of proMittelstand GmbH



Founding of KPWT Wirtschafttreuhand AG




Markets change faster and faster. Competitive structures become more and more complex. Economic conditions become more and more volatile. Businesses which not only want to survive but also want to grow have to combine forward-looking strategies with maximum flexibility. This is a challenge requiring the entire brain power of the entrepreneur, their employees and consultants.

We at KPWT are guided by a philosophy which is based on four principles:

  • A holistic approach
  • Presence
  • Proactivity
  • Proximity to our customers - with respect to our locations, our organisational structures and interpersonal relationships.

We always get to know our clients' main visions and goals and thus familiar with their wishes and worries. This knowledge is our basis of successful tax structuring consulting. If, during this process, interfaces and influential factors are identified that require measures pertaining to other fields of expertise, we will consult with competent specialists from within KPWT-Gruppe. The direct channels between your consultant and any specialist that might by needed ensure a smooth flow of information and form the basis of individual one-stop solutions.

Consulting means actively participating, contributing ideas, having a positive influence on decisions and supporting them. We strive to make you, as an entrepreneur, and your business more successful. Our interdisciplinary knowledge, for instance in tax and law, will be used to your advantage - saving you time, money and effort and providing you with an individual one-stop solution.