Taxes, economy, law and businesses.
We create networks that help entrepreneurs to get to the next.


The quality of consultation services is determined by taking the right decisions and having the right connections. This is true both for the interplay of taxes, economy and law and an active network of consultants.

We at KPWT live this network and we aim to think beyond the actual consulting service and create networks for our customers which will benefit them in the long term.

We identify potential and bring banks, capital providers and businesses together to generate success and added value. We assist our clients with auditing services that uncover opportunities, and with accounting services whose impact goes beyond the annual financial statement. With entrepreneur consulting that identifies potentials and with legal advice that focuses on long-term security. All of this from a single partner providing face-to-face services locally.

Our range of services:

  • Auditing
  • National/international accountancy
  • Entrepreneur consulting: Planning, controlling, cost accounting, financing solutions, acquisitions and sales of businesses
  • Legal advice



Auditing with added value.
National and international accounting.


Efficient processes, transparent cost structures and an up-to-date overview of economic developments are vital factors to ensure that a business remains competitive and future-proof. This is necessary to ensure that you make optimal use of your resources and opportunities and minimise any risks in due time.

Therefore, auditing by KPWT is more than just statutory and voluntary audits, accountants' opinions on a prospectus or accountants' reports. When performing an audit we aim to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a business and use them to plan the future - to the advantage of your business. Our clients benefit from meaningful high-quality due diligence audits - especially where shareholding transactions and capital market measures are concerned.

The special teams of our MOORE STEPHENS network support our clients' activities abroad. Our practice-oriented transfer pricing documentation helps you to minimise tax risks.

Our main areas of expertise:

  • Year-end audits and preparation of annual financial statements
  • Group accounting and auditing
  • Business valuation
  • Transfer pricing documentation
  • § 53 law on budgetary procedures



Accountancy as tax structuring consulting.
For the business year and for the future.


Intelligent entrepreneurial action always includes addressing the general political conditions in a smart way. Be it the development of the markets, political and social factors or statutory requirements. They define the limits of what is feasible but, at the same time, they always open up new structuring options.

Accountancy, as we at PWT understand it, thus includes both knowing and using the current conditions and developing future-oriented tax strategies. Our holistic approach encompasses tax-related routine processes from payroll accounting and financial accounting to audits as well as special tasks resulting, for example, from the restructuring and merging of companies.

Our particular area of expertise is international tax issues. For your facilities abroad a team headed by a German consultant can also develop and implement optimal tax solutions thanks to our network with MOORE STEPHENS Deutschland AG.

Our main areas of expertise:

  • Profits tax
  • Turnover tax
  • Inheritance and gift tax
  • Structuring consulting
  • Reorganisations
  • International accountancy


Entrepreneur Consulting

The KPWT consultant:
Expertise and industry know-how combined.


Entrepreneur consulting requires more than accountancy, auditing or legal advice; it requires industry know-how. This is essential to reliably plan the future of a business. Therefore, we put the main focus on your industry-related requirements and make sure that our tax consultants, auditors and attorneys have the industry knowledge they need to be a consultant for ENTREPRENEURS, always taking into account whether we are striving to meet the requirements of an international industrial enterprise, a small or medium-sized company, a regional foundation or a municipal company.

For us, this approach means that every client is assigned an experienced contact who identifies the relevant economic, tax-related and legal issues and coordinates their management by KPWT specialists, if required. The relationship between this ENTREPRENEUR consultant and our customers is based on a long-term partnership and ensures that all tasks are performed in a timely manner and according to the highest standards of quality.

To the specialist knowledge in our group.


Legal Advice

Successful - and rightly so.
Legal advice to the advantage of your business.


Entrepreneurial action is affected by legal matters in almost every aspect. Sound legal advice is a main part of all successful entrepreneurial decisions. Therefore, we closely work together in an interdisciplinary team of auditors, tax consultants and attorneys when tackling important entrepreneurial issues.

This combination of interdisciplinary know-how and specific expert knowledge ensures that decisions that are based on legal considerations do not lead to isolated solutions but are harmonically integrated into the overall fabric of your company. This applies to the selection of the right legal form as well as to the optimal drafting of a contract. In difficult times which, from our experience, can often be prevented by competent advice early on we also assist you in any court proceedings.

Our areas of expertise include, in particular, commercial law and company law, labour law, building law, contract law and insolvency law and acquisitions/sales of businesses.

Especially for small and medium-sized companies, we also handle aspects related to succession and family law to protect the company, the entrepreneur and his or her family.

Our main areas of expertise:

  • Commercial law and company law
  • Contract law and legal provisions relating to general terms and conditions
  • Succession law/succession planning
  • Due diligence audits
  • Labour law
  • Tenancy law
  • Industrial property protection and IT law


Succession Planning

Making the work of a lifetime future-proof.
Successful transfer of businesses to the next generation.

About 43,000 entrepreneurs are faced with the challenge of finding a suitable successor in Germany every year. Most people only think of succession due to retirement. However, sales for other reasons such as bad health or professional reorientations have to be taken into account as well Therefore, every entrepreneur should start to think about this issue early on, even people founding a new business, especially as the conception and setting-up phase offers a great opportunity for taking into account all aspects.

Among medium-sized companies, succession usually is a family and often even an emotional issue - for both transferors and transferees. It is only once this issue has been resolved that it will be a matter of applying tax and company law in the best manner possible. The fast is that when it comes to the responsibilities within the company, this often leads to conflicts, which are rarely made a subject of open discussion. This is where family-internal articles of incorporation will help to clarify the relationships within the family and with regard to the company beyond the hand-over of businesses to the next generation. By forward-looking planning and constructive discussions we will support you in resolving these conflicts.

As a general rule, entrepreneurs and successors need to master a wide variety of challenges. The reason is that a successful succession planning consists of many steps:

  • Perception and consideration of human aspects
  • Timely planning
  • Taking into account of an acute failure
  • Deliberate initiation of the succession process
  • Search for a successor and consideration of the criteria of a business hand-over within the family or a sale to third parties, if required
  • Responding to the needs of all heirs in case of a business hand-over within the family
  • Taking into account of the claims of all children in case of a business hand-over within the family
  • Hand-over by way of donation or through inheritance
  • Timely securing of Influences of the transferors
  • Determination of the company value
  • Analysis and regulation of legal, fiscal and insurance matters
  • Securing of any necessary financing operations, where applicable
  • Liquidity planning
  • Release of securities at banks
  • Organisation of the transitional phase
  • Financial hedging of the transferor

We team up with you to jointly design the take-over concept and to find with you the right solution for you in all phases of the company hand-over process. If required, even within the framework of any succession-related mediation, in order to either prevent any conflicts already in advance or clarify them in a constructive manner.


Industry know-how

Using expert knowledge.
The right specialist for all challenges.


Entrepreneur consulting requires more than accountancy, auditing or legal advice it requires industry know-how. This is essential to reliably help in shaping the future of a business. Therefore, we put the main focus on any industry-related requirements of our clients and make sure that our tax consultants, auditors and attorneys have the industry knowledge they need to be a consultant for ENTREPRENEURS – always taking into account whether we are striving to meet the requirements of an international industrial enterprise, a small or medium-sized company, a regional foundation or a municipal company. 

We at KPWT live like a network pursuing the aim of thinking beyond the actual consulting service and creating networks for our customers which will benefit you in the long term. To achieve this, you will have an experienced point of contact at your disposal who additionally coordinates processing and consultation by the KPWT specialists, regardless of the location of your company. The relationship between this ENTREPRENEUR consultant and the client is based on a long-term partnership and ensures that all tasks are performed in a timely manner and according to the highest standards of quality.

Our main areas of expertise:

  • Construction industry and construction-related industry
  • Developers
  • Brewery and beverage industry
  • Service providers/medical doctors
  • Electrical engineering/electronics
  • Renewable energies
  • Market gardens
  • Wholesalers
  • Hotel and catering industry
  • Automotive, automotive parts supplier and automotive part trade
  • Hospitals/sanatoriums/old people's homes
  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Food industry/food trade
  • Wage and social security law for private companies
  • Wage and social security law for public service
  • Mechanical engineering, plant manufacturing and vehicle construction
  • Public companies/foundations
  • Solar energy
  • Forwarding agencies
  • Textile production


International Advice

Regional roots, active on a world-widebasis.
We accompany you in the global markets.


The internationalisation of medium-sized businesses is burdened by considerable risks and costs. We provide you with assistance from the search for an appropriate location through company set-ups and acquisition up to financing solutions with ongoing support abroad. Thanks to our international network partners, we are both flexible and customer-oriented.

Since 1999, KPWT-Gruppe is a member of MOORE STEPHENS Deutschland AG and represented in the company's Supervisory Board. With more than 600 locations in 95 countries we are able to offer our customers world-wide international support focused on medium-sized companies under our leadership. We support internationally active medium-sized groups with branch office in the United States, South America, Asia, Africa and Europe.

Through the many years of support provided to German companies in Austria and Italy as well as to Austrian and Italian companies in Germany and transnational business relationships, we have particular specialised knowledge in the Munich-Innsbruck-Bolzano-Verona economic corridor.

The areas of emphasis of our activity include the structuring and implementation of company and foundation set-ups, holding structures and the analysis of tax-oriented transfers of registered offices.

We also establish contacts for you if you are not part of our clientèle and provide you with assistance in your activities abroad.


Asset Planning

Ensuring future success. With planning and far-sightedness.
We take care of your private asset planning.


We at KPWT provide you with a very personal form of support. Any decisions to be made within the company will only be taken following a thorough cost-benefit analysis and with the advice of experts. This also needs to be done in the case of your private asset planning. Do you have a defined long-term asset investment strategy? Is the risk associated with this strategy spread just as it is within your company?

We are of the opinion that private asset planning requires the same degree of diligence and attention as the administration of the operational capital flows. This is because the entrepreneurial success is a means for achieving your personal and monetary life planning. Our attention is concentrated on your financial security. Loss allocations and tax benefits are not relevant for any decisions in this context; the relevant factors paramount for us are value preservation and value increase.

This is why we additionally offer you a confidential analysis of your private asset investments with a special emphasis on neutrality. We prepare the current state of your private asset investments, jointly develop new asset strategies with you and elaborate any proposals for their implementation at your request.


Insolvency Law

Successfully reorganisation of companies.
Creating advantages for creditors.


Quick, pragmatic and professional - a clearly defined and structured approach is of paramount importance in insolvency reorganisation proceedings. Since the German Act Facilitating Company Reorganisations (Gesetz zur Erleichterung der Unternehmenssanierung, ESUG) entered into force, many new organisation possibilities have opened up. In this context, it is mostly banks which can use their position as creditors to exert considerably more influence than before.

We support you in safeguarding and enforcing your interests. Due to our many years of experience, we are aware of the specific problems of financial creditors as well as of the large number of areas of activity and are familiar with the levers for optimisation. We have been accompanying and supporting companies in insolvency proceedings for more than ten years now. In this context, we closely examine the situation of the respective company and provide you with support in a solution-oriented manner within the framework of complex and difficult processes.

Here you can download what we can do for you. (German PDF)